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Galleries for Stanford University
Galleries are collections of creations for specific events, groups, or classes. To add to a gallery, you must be given permission by an admin.
An Art Affair 2010
2010's An Art Affair festival!
80 Contributors, including:
238 Creations, including:
Featured Creations
Stuff we really like
0 Contributors, including:
No people in this list!
10 Creations, including:
Arts Grant Program
Featuring artwork and creations funded by the Arts Grant Program (
3 Contributors, including:
47 Creations, including:
Stanford Singer-Songwriters
Talented singer-songwriters and musicians from Stanford's past and present.
9 Contributors, including:
19 Creations, including:
An Art Affair 2009
Artwork and Creations from An Art Affair 2009
75 Contributors, including:
267 Creations, including:

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